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Klee Irwin and the Irwin Naturals family Thank You for your patronage by donating proceeds from part of customer purchases to:

Vitamin Angels to fight childhood blindness and other malnutrition diseases

Klee Irwin Works to End Malnutrition
and to Preserve Our Planet for Our Children

Philosophy and Mission Statement for Programs supported by Klee Irwin, Nutraceutical Formulator and Educator

Better nutrition and a healthy environment will help shape the lives of future generations.Klee Irwin invites you to join our efforts in protecting our planet and supporting the health of children around the globe. "These two crucial areas will shape our world and the lives of future generations to come. Better nutrition and a healthy environment are major milestones on the path to achieving an overall better quality of life," passionately states Klee Irwin, a leading Nutritional Expert and Nutraceutical Formulator.

Our Children

Nutrition is a foundation for the health and development of children. Healthy children simply learn better, they are strong and they are more productive now and into their adult lives. For Klee Irwin, a Natural Health Advocate and Educator, the seminal role of nutrition in survival, health and general well-being provides the impetus to mobilize resources and channel them into humanitarian efforts.

Based on direction from Klee Irwin,
Irwin Naturals proudly donates to:

Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vital nutrition to children and families in need. Vitamin Angels has plans to eliminate childhood blindness worldwide by the year 2020. Vitamin Angels believes that everyone has a right to basic nutrition. Klee Irwin strongly agrees.

Vitamin Angels works to create a world where:

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